Friday, January 21, 2011

i'm just a guardian

i'm just a guardian for her .i know she has a boyfriends and thier status is already taken .for me ,she is the only girl who can make me happy .i love her .i'm glad to know her .she's my only ones right now .from her ,i learn what's is mean by love ,happiness ,loyalty and the meanings of sacrifice .she's happy when with me here but she's most happy when with her loves ones .i'm nothing .just a boy with thier dreams .who do not knows all my dreams will comes true or not .only god knows that .if she's not belongs to me ,i accept that even my heart feels so sad .i will happy when i see my lovely ones is happy .that's enough for me .i knows it's hard for me but i have take the risks .i have to faced it and accept all things that will be happen .whether it's happy or not .if she's belongs to  me ,i promise i will take care her very well .i never leave her .i will love her so much from the bottom of my heart .she's the only ones for me .14 ,10 ,90 .i never forget this number .i'm so happy .i'm glad to know her .i never forget her .i love you so much .i hope all my dreams will comes true .amin .i dedicate one songs to her .

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